Audio Common Ground Isolator Anti-interference Noise Reducer Noise Cullender Eliminate bluetooth Receiver

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Audio Common Ground Isolator Anti-interference Noise Reducer Noise  Cullender  Eliminate bluetooth Receiver

1. [Remove Beep]: Eliminate the noise caused by the ground loop when the audio source and (some car
speakers/home audio systems) use the same power supply, so as to achieve clear music enjoyment, and
the wonderful blooms.
2. [pure sound quality]: no rock music damage, give you a better experience, can be used on mono.
3. [easy to use, just plug and play, no battery]: small and portable, this gadget does not take up too much
space, and it is easy to take away.

Unable to eliminate the problem of noise:
1.The noise caused by non-common ground, this paragraph can not be filtered, such as electromagnetic 
interference, etc., be sure to confirm the source of noise before buying.
2.Because each person's expectations for isolation are different, the senses are different, some customers
feel good, and some customers feel bad.
3.This product is an audio common ground isolator, which is effective for the noise caused by the common 
ground for the audio source and the receiving device.
4.To put it simply, the ground point of the two electrical appliances is not at the same point. Due to the difference
in grounding resistance, noise is transmitted into the electrical equipment through the ground wire to form
interference. Because the grounding points of the two devices are different, it is possible to generate common 
ground noise. In the car audio, there is an audio interference, like the humming sound, the frequency of this noise 
will change with the engine speed.
5.Therefore, this product can only eliminate the noise and current sound of the common electricity common product, 
and can not eliminate the noise caused by other reasons, so you need to confirm the noise source yourself.
Determine if noise is caused by common ground:
1. Use the earphone to connect with the car MP3 and the car navigation AUX (3.5mm interface). If the sound heard
from the earphone is no noise at this time, it can be confirmed that the noise of the car device is caused by the common ground.
2. Use the audio cable to connect the battery-powered mobile phone, or MP3 (note that the mobile phone and MP3
are not connected to any power supply on the car, such as a telephone), and connect to the AUX of the car's center
console, and play the music of the mobile phone. , it can be confirmed that the past noise is caused by the common ground.
3, computer, amplifier, audio, CD: use a passive headset plugged in the computer to listen to the noise, use the phone
to insert in the amplifier, audio audition, if you listen to the sound, there is no noise, the basic judgment is caused by the 
common ground.
4. After starting the car, the installed amplifier has a current sound. In some models, the throttle is larger and the current 
is louder. This product can solve this problem.
5, there is a current sound between the amplifier and the speaker or the sound, you can install this product between 
the amplifier and the speaker.
6. When the laptop is connected to the projector and the amplifier is connected, the noise can be generated. You can 
connect the adapter to the power supply or use the battery. At this time, unplug the amplifier and disappear, or unplug 
the projector and the noise disappears. Then you can use the headphone jack and amplifier of the computer. Add a
common ground isolator to eliminate noise.

Pakage Included:
1xbluetooth Noise Cullender

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