Diagnostic scanner (Black) - Auto GoShop
Diagnostic scanner (Black) - Auto GoShop
Diagnostic scanner (Black) - Auto GoShop
Diagnostic scanner (Black) - Auto GoShop
Diagnostic scanner (Black) - Auto GoShop

Diagnostic scanner (Black)


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Diagnostic scanner (Black) - Auto GoShop

Diagnostic scanner (Black)


Diagnostic scanner (Black)


Type: car fault diagnosis instrument
Voltage :   12 (V)
Working temperature :  56 (°C)
Model :   USB ELM327 OBD2
Applicable models: Variety models

Simple description of the function:
1. Automatic lock-up After the start, the speed reaches 7KM and the central control automatically locks. In the middle of the car, the person in the middle of the car continues to lock automatically. If you are outside the middle, you can't automatically lock it if you press it manually.
2, speeding reminder 120KM meter sounds to remind you, and the same sound as oil.
3, cruise function: This function can be opened in all departments, but need to install the cruise module switch.
4, Xenon mode This function can be changed without the need to install a resistor or a so-called decoder, the bottom of the lamp to report the fault! [Note: The new car Xenon mode after April 14 will not open, hereby explain]
5, one-key sunroof: Lock the car state, first press the unlock, then press and hold for five seconds to unlock, the sunroof opens. Press and hold for five seconds to lock, the sunroof is closed!
6. Tire pressure monitoring: DDS tire pressure monitoring, when your tire pressure is normal, after running, you will run for a timely kilometer. After the system learns itself, if there is a leak during the driving process, the screen will prompt Chinese: Please check the tire pressure. . Do not understand the principle of tire pressure monitoring. Baidu can indirectly monitor tire pressure. Principle: The ESP function is used to detect the difference in tire speed and monitor for air leaks.
7, automatic headlights: Need automatic headlight module.
8, automatic wiper: add rain sensor module, the front file automatically scratch when encountering rain.
9. Emergency brake flashing light: 100km/h Irritable until double flashing (the flashing frequency is about 3 times faster than normal), the loose brake continues to drive, and the double flash stops.

This version is a USB version, does not support mobile phones, only supports computers

Classic Fox function description:

The Rom version 0203, 0301 and any older models before 1.09 can provide instantaneous fuel consumption and other functions.

2. The ROM version is 0303, 0403 can only open the automatic lock and steering assist mode.

3. The ROM version is 0508, 0512 can open the average fuel consumption, boost mode, eco mode, automatic lock and other auxiliary functions.
4.2010, 2011, 2012 models, 2013 classic Fox instruments are 0508,0512, can open the average fuel consumption, boost mode, eco fuel economy, automatic lock and overspeed alarm, shifting tips (maximum power state) and other auxiliary functions ! For example, reading the fault code, installing the rearview mirror electric heating, rearview mirror lighting, etc., modifying the tire size parameters, etc.

Hidden features that can be turned on:

1. Average (instantaneous) fuel consumption: Shows the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers in your driving process, so that you can know more about your car.

2. ECO energy saving mode: The vehicle will give your driving habits a score. The more petals, the more fuel-efficient driving habits.

3. Steering power adjustment: After the function is completed, the three electronic steering assist mode options (ie standard mode, comfort mode and sport mode) can be displayed in the instrument, and can be switched at any time as needed.

4. Automatic lock: When the vehicle speed is greater than the set value (default 7 km/h, you can set the value yourself), the four doors are automatically locked.

5. Speeding reminder (driving 117KM)

6. Shift prompt (maximum power shift prompt)

7. Reverse reminder (there will be sound when the reverse gear is reversed)

8. Photolight function (requires additional hardware)

9. Rearview mirror electric heating function (requires hardware)

10. Read some computer fault information and eliminate the fault code.

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