70mai Portable Car Air Pump Tire Inflator Air Compressor From Eco-System For Car Motorcycle Bicycle Ball

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Product name

 70mai Air Compressor

Product model

 Midrive TP01

Operating voltage


Maximum operating current


Maximum inflation pressure

 7bar(100 psi2)


 235x110X 172.9mm

Storage temperature

 -30 °C

Working temperature

 -20 °- 70 °C



1.Switch machine:

Disassemble the rope that binds the power cord, connect the car charger to the lighter, and the car starts. When the lighter gets the power supply from the car, the device starts automatically.The device shuts down automatically when the car's charger is pulled out or the car turns off to stop supplying power to the lighter.


2.Connecting trachea

Tires for Jeep, SUV, automobile, motorcycle and other vehicles:

- Apply the air tube quick-pull connector directly to the tire inlet. When the sound of tire deflating is heard, the air is circulating.



When there is no pressure, the above detection method is not applicable.


- Immediately press the quick-pull connector pressing plate 90 inwards. At this time, the air is no longer discharged, and the air pipe is connected successfully.


Connecting rubber boats, inflatable toys, air mattresses and balls:

- Install the suitable air nozzle in the quick-draw connector of the air pipe and press the pressure plate 90 "inward.

- Connect the corresponding air nozzle to the inflated object:

Long air nozzle: used for beach ball, swimming ring and other inflatable toys, dust removal and cleaning purposes.

Short air nozzle: used for inflatable bed.

Ball needle: used in basketball, football, volleyball and other ball products.


3. Detection pressure

After connecting the air pipe, turn on the state, the pressure gauge display screen shows the current pressure.


4. Preset pneumatic tire pressure

Please follow the steps below to preset the inflated tire pressure:

- After the device is turned on, click "R" to convert units into bar, psi or kPa.

- Press "+" or "-" button to flash the number, and then press "+" or "-" button to adjust the desired value.Digital flashing stops, tire pressure is set.


5. Inflating

- After connecting the air pipe, press the inflatable start button to start inflating under the startup state.If the pressure gauge digital of the air pump rises rapidly for a short time (3 seconds rises to over 80psi), indicating that the air pressure is blocked, please immediately turn off the power, remove the quick-pull connector from the air port of the wheel and reconnect the air pipe.

- After inflation to the preset tire pressure, the air pump stops working and inflation is completed.

- Remove the filling head of the car and the device will automatically shut down.



When the pump stops working, the gauge reading will drop slightly and then stabilize, which is a normal "back pressure" phenomenon.


6. Check inflation pressure

- Tires:

The pressure classes of the tires of automobiles, bicycles and motorcycles is marked on the side wall of the tires.The tire gauge is marked near the inside of the driver's side door.Inflation pressure level and load weight, more detailed pressure recommendations, please consult the car manual.


- Ball:

The inflated pressure of balls such as football, basketball and volleyball shall be marked around the air nozzle.


Matters needing attention:

To avoid damage to the inflatable pump, please follow the following instructions:

1. The body of this product has been fixed in the iron box, please do not try to take it out.

2. Please inflate under the pressure specified by the air charging pump. Do not overcharge to avoid danger

3. Do not let the air charging pump work under the supervision of no one. The switch must be cut off when the device is not in use.

4. Do not use it near flammable or explosive substances such as gasoline.

5. The machine can work continuously, but when the ambient temperature is high, please shorten the continuous use time appropriately to extend the service life of the machine.

6. Do not let the airflow towards yourself or others, high pressure flow will cause danger.

7. Do not use the iron box to stand, squat;Do not press heavy metal box to avoid equipment damage;Do not use the iron box to store other items.

8. When using the inflatable pump, please disassemble the rope that binds the power cord and unfold the power cord, so as to avoid safety risks caused by overheating of the power cord.


Package Included:

1 X

 70mai car tire inflatable pump 

1 X

 Specification (including three packs) 

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