DUOYI DY260 Car Leakage / Dark Current Clamp Meter AC DC Current Voltage Ampere Tester LCD Digital Display Multimeter Electrician Tool

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DUOYI DY260 Car Leakage / Dark Current Clamp Meter AC DC Current Voltage Ampere Tester LCD Digital Display Multimeter Electrician Tool






Test method

clamp non-contact measurement


0mA~60A AC/DC




±2%rdg±5dgt (23°C±5°C, below 75%RH)

Sampling rate

2 times/sec

Frequency response

AC: 45Hz-400Hz

Jaw size


LCD size


Instrument size


Shift mode

automatic shift

Line voltage

600V and below line test

Working current

Max 20MA

Working temperature and humidity

below -10~50°C, below 80%RH

Limit temperature error

-10~0°C and 40~50°C, the error MAX increases by 2%rdg

Insulation strength

AC 3700V/rms (between core and box)

Power supply

9V battery *1

Function Description:

Automatic AC/DC gear shifting

Automatically identify AC and DC signals, no need to manually switch AC/DC gears

One key to zero

press [Zero/Backlight Key] to return to zero

Backlight display mode

4-digit LCD display (with backlight), long press [Zero/Backlight] to switch

Data storage

99 groups, press [Save/Save/Review] to automatically store and automatically number the storage location for easy reference

Data lock

Press the [Save/Save/Review button] to lock the data displayed on the screen for easy viewing

Data query

Long press [Save/Save/Review] to enter data query, use [Zero/Backlight] and [Save/Save/Review] to scroll up and down, if you exit data query, long press [Save/Save/Review] Can

Over-range display

display OL beyond the range

Automatic shutdown

No operation is performed for 5 minutes after power on, the LCD flashes, if you press the [On key], it will return to the normal standby state, otherwise it will automatically shut down after flashing for 30 seconds

Low voltage display

When the battery voltage is too low to guarantee the measurement accuracy, the battery symbol is displayed, and the battery should be replaced immediately

Usage Method:

1. Put the clamp head of the clamp meter on the positive or negative wire of the car battery to turn off the car keys and all electrical equipment. If the test shows that the static current is greater than 100mA, it means there is electricity.

*Generally, after the car is turned off, the quiescent current will be maintained at 30~40mA, and the European cars will be maintained at 80~90mA, depending on the number of electrical appliances on the car. Generally, the higher the end of the car, the greater the quiescent current

2. If you find that the static current is too large, you can open the fuse box in the car and unplug the fuses one by one. When a fuse is found to be unplugged, it means that the electrical appliance corresponding to the fuse is abnormal

3. Check and repair abnormal electrical appliances, and check again whether the quiescent current is normal

*When testing the dark current of the car, the jaws must be completely closed, and the test should be carried out in a cold car state

-Clamp the positive and negative wires of the DC line together to measure the DC leakage (clamp 2 wires);

-Clamp the positive and negative wires of the AC zero live wire together to measure the AC leakage (clamp 2 wires);

-Clamp the ground wire to measure the leakage current of the ground wire (clamp a single wire);

-Clamp the main line to measure the current of the main line (clamp a single line)

Package Included:

1 X

Leakage Current Clamp Meter

1 X

Packing Box

1 X

Carrying Case

1 X


1 X


DUOYI DY260 Car Leakage / Dark Current Clamp Meter AC DC Current Voltage Ampere Tester LCD Digital Display Multimeter Electrician Tool
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